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IGNOU BCA Solved Assignments & Final Sem. Projects

BCA First Semester

CS-610       Foundation Course in English for Computing

CS-611       Computer Fundamentals and PC Software

BSHF-101 / FHS-01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences

BSHF-101 / FHS-01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences

BCA 2nd Semester

CS-60       Foundation Course in Mathematics in Computing

CS-62       'C' Programming & Data Structure

CS-612     PC Software Application Skills

BCA 3rd Semester

CS-63       Introduction to System Software

CS-05       Elements of System Analysis and Design

FST           Foundation Course in Science and Technology

FST           Foundation Course in Science and Technology 

BCA 4th Semester

CS-06     Introduction to DBMS

CS-64     Introduction to Computer Organization

CS-65     Window Programming

CS-66     Multimedia

CS-67     RDBMS Lab

BCA 5th Semester

CS-68       Computer Networks

CS-69/BCS-061 TCP/IP Programming

CS-70       Introduction to Software Engineering

CS-71       Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques

BCA 6th Semester

CS-72        C++ and Object Oriented Programming

CS-73        Theory of Computer Science

CS-74        Introduction to Internet Programming

CS-75        Intranet Administration

CS-76        Project 


IGNOU MBA Solved Assignments & Final Sem. Projects

MS-01        Management Functions & Behaviours

MS-02        Management of Human Resources

MS-03        Economic & Social Environment

MS-04        Accounting and Finance for Managers

MS-05        Management of Machines & Materials

MS-06        Marketing for Managers

MS-07        Information Management & Computers

MS-08        Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications

MS-09        Managerial Economics

MS-10        Organizational Design, Development and Change

MS-11        Strategic Management

MS-21        Social Processes and Behavioural Issues Rs. 250

MS-22        Human Resource Development

MS-23        Human Resource Planning

MS-24        Union-Management Relations

MS-25        Managing Change in Organizations

MS-26        Organizational Dynamics

MS-27        Wage & Salary Administration

MS-28        Labour Laws

MS-41        Working Capital Management

MS-42        Capital Investment & Financing Decisions

MS-43        Management Control Systems

MS-44        Security Analysis & Portfolio Management

MS-45        International Financial Management

MS-46        Management of Financial Services

MS-51        Operations Research

MS-52        Project Management

MS-53        Production/Operations Management

MS-54        Management of Information Systems

MS-55        Logistics and Supply Chain Management

MS-56        Materials Management

MS-57        Management of R & D and Innovation

MS-58        Management of R & D and Innovation

MS-61        Consumer Behaviour

MS-62        Sales Management

MS-63        Product Management

MS-64        International Marketing

MS-65        Marketing of Services

MS-66        Marketing Research

MS-68        Marketing Communication and Advertising Management

MS-91        Advanced Strategic Management

MS-92        Management of Public Enterprises

MS-93        Management of New and Small Enterprises

MS-94        Technology Management

MS-95        Research Methodology for Man. Decisions

MS-96        Total Quality Management

MS-97        International Business


IGNOU B.A. Solved Assignments (English Medium only)

Compulsory Subjects or Foundation Courses

BSHF-101 / FHS-01 (Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences)

FST-01 (Foundation Course in Science & Technology)

FEG-01 (Foundation Course in ENGLISH - I)

FEG-02 (Foundation Course in ENGLISH -II)

ERD-01 Rural Development in India


BA - Bachelor in Arts (Sociology - ESO)

ESO-11 / 01         The Study of Society

ESO-12 / 02         Society in India

ESO-13 / 03         Sociological Thought

ESO-14 / 04         Society & Stratification

ESO-15 / 05         Society & Religion

ESO-16 / 06         Social Problem in India


BA - Bachelor in Arts (POLITICAL SCIENCE - EPS)

EPS-1/11    Political Ideas and Ideologies

EPS-2/12    Government and Politics in India

EPS-03       Modern Indian Political Thought

EPS-5/15    South Asia; Economy, Society and Politics

EPS-04 / 07 International Relations

EPS-08       Government and Politics in Australia

 EPS-09       Comparative Government and Politics


BA - Bachelor in Arts (Public Administration- EPA)

EPA-01       Administrative Theory

EPA-02 / BPAE-102      Indian Administration

EPA-03       Development Administration

EPA-04       Personnel Administration

EPA-05       Financial Administration

EPA-06       Public Policy


BA - Bachelor of Arts (English - EEG)

EEG-01/BEGE-101  Language to Literature

EEG-02      The Structure of Modern English

EEG-04      English for Practical Purposes

EEG-06      Understanding Poetry

BEGE-101  From Language to Literature

BEGE-102  The Structure of Modern English

BEGE-103  Communication Skills in English

BEGE-105  Understanding Prose

BEGE-107  Understanding Drama

BEGE-108  Reading the Novel


BA - Bachelor in Arts (History - EHI)

EHI-01        Modern India (1857-1964)

EHI-02        India: Earliest Times to 8th Century

EHI-03        India from 8th to 15th Century

EHI-05        History India:       Mid 18th to Mid 19th Century

EHI-04        India from Mid 16th Century to Mid 18th Century

EHI-06        History of China & Japan (1840-1949)

EHI-07        Modern Europe (Mid 18th to Mid 20th Century)


BA - Bachelor in Arts (Social Works - BSWE)

BSWE-001    Introduction to Social Works

BSWE-002    Social Work intervention with individual & groups

BSWE-03      Social work intervention with communities & institutions

BSWE-04      Introduction to Family Education

BSWE-05     Introduction of HIV / AIDS

BSWE-06    Substance Abuse and Counseling 

BA - Bachelor in Arts (Economics - EEC)

EEC-10     National Income Accounting

EEC-11     Fundamentals of Economics

EEC-14     Agricultural Development in India

BECE-002  Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives


IGNOU B.Ed. Solved Assignments (English Medium only)
B.Ed - Group A: Core Course
ES-331       Curriculum and Instruction
ES-332       Psychology of Learning & Development
ES-333       Educational Evaluation
ES-334       Education and Society
ES-335       Teacher and School


B.Ed - Group B: Content -Based Methodology Course
ES-341       Teaching of Science
ES-342       Teaching of Mathematics
ES-343       Teaching of Social Studies
ES-344       Teaching of English


B.Ed - Group C: Special Course
ES-361       Educational Technology
ES-362       Computer in Education
ES-363       Guidance and Counseling
ES-364       Distance Education
BESE-65    HIV and AIDS Education
BESE-66    Adolescence and Family Education

IGNOU MCA Solved Assignments & Final Sem. Projects
MCA First Semester
MCS-011    Problem Solving and Programming
MCS-012    Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming
MCS-013    Discrete Mathematics
MCS-014    Systems Analysis and Design
MCS-015    Communication Skills
MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web Design
MCSL-017 C and Assembly Language Programming Lab
MCA 2nd Semester
MCS-021    Data and File Structures
MCS-022    Operating System Concepts and Networking
MCS-023    Introduction to Database Management Systems
MCS-024    Object Oriented Technologies and Java
MCA 3rd Semester
MCS-031    Design and Analysis of Algorithms
MCS-032    Object Oriented Analysis and Design
MCS-033    Advanced Discrete Mathematics
MCS-034    Software Engineering
MCS-035    Accountancy and Financial Management
MCA 4th Semester
MCS-041    Operating System
MCS-042    Data Communication and Computer Networks
MCS-043    Introduction to Database Management Systems
MCS-044    Mini Project
MCS-045    UNIX and DBMS Lab
MCA 5th Semester
MCS-052     Principles of Management and Information Systems
MCSE-003   Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
MCSE-011    Parallel Computing

IGNOU M.A. Solved Assignments (English Medium only) 

MA – Master of Arts (History)

MHI-01       Ancient and Medieval Societies

MHI-02       Modern World

MHI-03       Historiography

MHI-04       Political Structures in India

MHI-05       History of Indian Economy

MHI-06       Evolution of Social Structures in India through the Ages

MHI-08       History of Ecology and Environment; India


MA – Master of Arts (English)

MEG-01     British Poetry

MEG-02     British Drama

MEG-03     British Novel

MEG-04     Aspects of Language

MEG-05     Literary Criticism and Theory

MEG-06     American Literature

MEG-07     Indian English Literature

MEG-08     New Literatures in English

MEG-09     Australian Literature

MEG-10     English Studies in India

MEG-11     American Novel

MEG-12     A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature

MEG-14     Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation


MA – Master of Arts (Political Science)

MPS-001      Political Theory

MPS-002      International Relations: Theory and Problems

MPS-003      India: Democracy and Development

MPS-004      Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends

MPSE-001    India and the world

MPSE-002    State and Society in Latin America

MPSE-003    Western Political Thought

MPSE-004    Social and Political Thought in Modern India

MPSE-005    State and Society in Africa

MPSE-006    Peace and Conflict Studies

MPSE-007    Social Movements & Politics in India

MPSE-008    State Politics in India

MPSE-009    Canada: Politics and Society

MPSE-010    Dissertation (Optional)

MPSE-011    The European Union in World Affairs

MPSE-012    State and Society in Australia

MPSE-013    Australia's Foreign Policy

MED-002     Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges

MED-008     Globalization and Environment


MA – Master of Arts (Sociology)

MSO-001      Sociology: Theories and Concepts

MSO-002      Research Methods and Methodologies

MSO-003      Sociology of Development

MSO-004      Sociology in India

MSOE-001    Sociology of Education

MSOE-002    Diaspora and Transnational Communities

MSOE-003    Sociology of Religion

MSOE-004    Urban Sociology

MPA-016      Decentralization and Local Governance

MPS-003      India: Democracy and Development


MA – Master of Arts (Public Administration)

MPA-011    State, Society and Public Administration

MPA-012    Administrative Theory

MPA-013    Public Systems Management

MPA-014    Human Resource Management

MPA-015    Public Policy and Analysis

MPA-016    Decentralization and Local Governance

MPA-017    Electronic Governance

MPA-018    Disaster Management


MA – Master of Arts (Economics)

MEC-001     Microeconomics Analysis

MEC-002     Macroeconomics Analysis

MEC-003     Quantitative Methods

MEC-004     Economics of Growth and Development

MEC-005     Indian Economics Policy

MEC-006     Public Economics

MEC-007     International Trade and Finance

MEC-008     Economics of Social Sector and Environment

MEC-009     Research Methods in Economics

MECP-001   Econometric Methods

MECE-003   Actuarial Economics Theory and Practice

MECE-004   Financial Institutions and Markets


MA – Master of Arts (Rural Development)

MRD-101     Rural Development-Indian Context

MRD-102     Rural Development Programmes

MRD-103     Rural Development-Planning and Management

MRD-004     Research Methods in Rural Development

MRDP-001   Dissertation

RDD-6         Rural Health Care

RDD-7         Communication and Extension in Rural Development

MRDE-101   Rural social Development

MRDE-002   Voluntary Action in Rural Development

MRDE-003   Land Reforms and Rural Development

MRDE-004   Entrepreneurship and Rural Development


IGNOU Tourism Solved Assignments (English Medium only)


Tourism - BTS, DTS, CTS

TS-1    Foundation Course in Tourism

TS-2    Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies

TS-3    Management in Tourism

TS-4    Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism

TS-5    Ecology, Environment and Tourism

TS-6    Tourism Marketing

TS-7    Human Resource Development


Tourism - MTM

MTM-01     Management Functions and Behaviour in Tourism  

MTM-02     Human Resource Planning & Development in Tourism

MTM-03     Managing Personnel in Tourism

MTM-04     Information Management & Information Systems in Tourism

MTM-05     Accounting Finance & Working Capital for Tourism Managers

MTM-06     Marketing for Tourism Managers

MTM-07     Sales and Advertising Management in Tourism

MTM-08     Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism

MTM-09     Understanding Tourism Markets

MTM-10     Tourism Impacts

MTM-11     Tourism Planning and Development

MTM-12     Tourism Products: Design and Development

MTM-13     Tourism Operations

MTM-14     Tourist Transport Operations (Road Transport)

MTM-15     Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Expositions (MICE)


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